Saturday, January 29, 2011

Solution for Reading DVD discs

Most of the computer users are always suffered from their dvd writer,a new dvd drive will work well as starting,after few months the problem will start.The writer will read only cds or dvds or not both.The reason for this problems are..
1  If we use scratched dvd or cd the
    driver become useless.
2  Dvd region-in every dvd writer there
    is dvd region this region will plays imp
    role in reading discs,to view      
3  Your dvd region go to my computer-right
    click on dvd rom drive-    
     properties then select  dvd rom drive    
     then select dvd region.
4   Only 5 Times we can change the region after that we cannot change.
     The particular region will read   particular  discs,the region free writer
     can read all the dvds and cds.


 Region code                 Specific Area
  0                                 Worldwide
  1                                 Bermuda, U.S. territories,United States,canada
  2                                 Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, 
                                     Swaziland, Lesotho,Europe,Greenland
  3                                 South Korea, Republic of China (Taiwan), 
                                     Hong Kong, Macau,Southeast Asia
  4                                 Central America, South America, Australia, 
                                     New Zealand,Mexico,Ocenia
  5                                 Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Africa, Central and South Asia, 
                                     Mongolia,  India, Afghanistan
  6                                 China, Hong Kong
  7                                 Reserved
  8                                 Read All discs

SOLUTION-updating the writer firmware

by updating the driver firmware via flashing the driver can read dvds,
step 1-first check the writer firmware version by using this software DISC-INFO DISC-INFO download from Here.

Step 2-download the flashing software from here NECWinFlash

step 3- download the latest firmware from this site,copy the .Bin file from zip file,then start the software select flash it will ask .Bin file,select the firmware .Bin file as already copied from zip file,it will take 10 sec.
Step 3-restart your computer it will work fine:)

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