Monday, March 21, 2011

smart quill for engineering student ppt

The SmartQuill was a working prototype pen computer. My goal were to encapsulate an entire handheld computer in a pen. It allowed capture of handwriting and a special gravity controlled screen allowed the user to view documents by moving the computer in the hand. I also wanted to replace the mouse with motion sensing. I invented it in April 1997 in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire I exchanged emails with BT re my invention and in June 1997- Oct 98 worked for BT Labs, Martlesham, UK, Sensior Research Fellow, to build a working prototype.

The SmartQuill had an accelerometer or tilt sensor , an Analog Devices ADXL202 , the function was to allow the user to tilt the pen and scroll through the pages. The images could be inverted and changed from portrait to landscape.

The pen could achieve up to 96% handwriting recognition accuracy as here ( software by B Milner)

I then left BT and was asked to work for Microsoft in 1998.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Motorola's Atrix 4G

It might not have been officially released yet, but Motorola's new "smartphone" has already been rooted, reportsEngadget.
With the launch date still a couple of days away, a very clever fellow over at xda-developers has successfully rooted the Android OS the Atrix runs on, allowing all sorts of fancy applications and hacks to be run. Top of the list is enabling the mobile hotspot feature from Froyo, while running applications that require special administrator privileges like Titanium Backup (does what it says on the tin) and ShootMe (screen capture) is also made possible.

Sony GeoHot for hacking the PS3

Sony has been on a legal rampage lately, filing lawsuits against anyone who hacks their PS3, or posts the "master key" which was leaked recently, and now is going after infamous hacker GeoHot for hacking his own PS3. GeoHot is infamous in the hacking scene, for initially jailbreaking the iPhone, and then he released the PS3 master key, and a "jailbreak" that allows homemade games to be played on the PS3.
GeoHot posted on his blog today that the company is suing him for hacking his personal PS3, even though he never used it online, and is against mass piracy. In his post, GeoHot writes that;

BlackBerry's Storm 3 Video leaked

With Research In Motion's first two attempts at the BlackBerry Storm receiving less-than-stellar reviews from pundits and users alike, it seems the Canadian smartphone company hasn't been deterred from giving the touch-screen handset another shot. Remember kids, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Of course, thinking Apple was lying about the original iPhone hasn't helped RIM, with the manufacturer now a couple of years behind the curve.
Today we bring you the first video of what CrackBerry is saying will be the BlackBerry Storm 3.

Amazon Appstore Offers users to buy Android apps without a device

Amazon's elusive upcoming Appstore, set to be unleashed in the near future, will include an interesting feature that allows users to purchase Android apps from even if they don't have a device. The move is designed to help customers buying an Android device get started by letting them stock up on apps at the same time. In their blog post, Amazon also point out that developers will have access to the advantages that come with any product being listed in their store.

Apple preparing for new connection Technology

Apple is reportedly preparing to announce a new high-speed connection technology, CNET reports today.
CNET claims a "source" has confirmed the Cupertino-based company will soon announce a new connection technology which is faster than the USB 3.0 specifications and could potentially utilise Intel's Light Peak technology, which allows manufacturers to use the one connection for every item which connects to a computer, be it a printer, mouse, display, keyboard or external hard drives.

Android 2.3.3 Bringing both NFC,Bluetooth

We've all tried sending files over Bluetooth in the past, right? There's the hassle of finding out what each device is 'called', then there's the lengthy, and often near-impossible pairing process that never seems to end. Then, if you're lucky and the moon is on the correct phase, you're standing on one leg and have had eggs for breakfast, itmight work. Google knows Bluetooth sharing is troublesome, that's why they're adding a feature to Android 2.3.3 that they believe will smooth things over nicely, write PocketNow.

Angry bird Game launcing on Windows phone 7

It looksake flight on Windows Phone 7 handsets, along with a special 3D version of the game designed especially for the Nintendo 3DS and LG Optimus 3D devices.

During an interview on Pocket-Lint, Rovio confirmed its plans to bring Angry Birds to Windows Phone 7 devices and for a new 3D version of the game coming to the Nintendo 3DS handheld and possibly the LG Optimus 3D mobile phone in the coming months.
Many Windows Phone 7 fans have been wondering why the game has been taking so long to arrive on their hardware, well it seems that Microsoft’s lawyers may be to blame, with Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka stating that “Let’s just say, Microsoft has a lot of lawyers,”
There is no news yet as to whether the game will also become an “Xbox LIVE” title on the handsets, which would allow gamers access to achievements and leaderboards, or if the game will just become an indie based title.
Just before Windows Phone 7 launched in October 2010, Rovio and Microsoft had a small spat when the Seattle company took it upon themselves to use an Angry Birds icon to their gaming and apps advertising. Rovio were upset because Microsoft used it without the company’s permission. 

New MACbook pros will launch on FEB 24th

Inventory of Apple's MacBook Pros have been slowing to a halt lately on International Apple Store websites. The shipping times on several Asian country websites have been delayed from the standard 24 hours up to five business days.
The last time the MacBook Pros saw a refresh was almost a year ago when they were updated with Intel's Core i3, i5, and i7 chips and are due for an update that will presumably use Intel's latest line of Sandy Bridge chips. Intel saw a snag in its schedule with releasing Sandy Bridge a couple of weeks ago but it reportedly should not affect Apple offering it in its laptops nor did the setback have anything to do with a flaw in the chip's design.
Rumors about new MacBook Pro models being released by the end of the month stemmed from Italian site iSpazio (which also claimed the following as the new MacBook Pro product numbers: MC720, MC721, MC723, MC724, and MC725). Now, both MacRumors and AppleInsider have learned that the information is actually accurate; MacRumors cites next Thursday, February 24th, as the date we will see the refresh. February 24th is also Steve Jobs' birthday.
Speculation about other upgrades to the new laptops have not gone farther than the all but confirmed Sandy Bridge update, though many expect hard drive upgrades and a possible new unibody chassis. If the Thursday date is to be believed, however, Apple redesigns are usually accompanied by a media event and there have yet to be any invitations sent out. However, it won't be the first time Apple sent invitations a little too close to the event date nor the first time they redesign a product without an event.

Coming soon- Apple branded Televisions.

Apple's ambitions in the home entertainment sector are growing by the day. Their tiny $99 TV set-top, the Apple TV, had several hints last week of becoming Apple's first real attempt at tackling the Big Three of console gaming. The prospects of having a small and inexpensive gaming console in your living room may sound remotely interesting. But what if you can do away with a separate set-top and have the unit in your television instead? Gaming from a wall-mounted TV in your kitchen, perhaps? Or perhaps something that goes beyond what today's TV manufacturers are offering, such as what Sony introduced in this year's refresh of their Bravia HDTVs.

According to CNET, Gene Munster, a senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, predicted in a note last month thatApple is preparing to enter the HDTV market next year. His predictions may turn out to be true after all. Earlier today, sharp-eyed bloggers at 9to5mac noticed a new job posting on Apple's website. It called for new people eager to work on new power management technologies for "Apple's next generation Macintosh platforms." Those platforms being their laptops, desktops, servers, their monitors, and... TVs?
And there it is, right at the end. There is a possibility that it could have been an employee's intention to write a "set-top box" instead of "TV," but considering how the word immediately follows "standalone displays," and given how power consumption is already an impressively low 2.5 watts on load for the 2010 Apple TV, we can only assume this to refer to a yet-to-be-announced Apple HDTV in the works.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frequent Use Of FACEBOOK lead to More Stress

As you people know facebook is the worldwide communication protocol which connects friends families and enemies also.Day by day facebook users are increasing.This is one of the media that connects.With the facebook i met my childhood friends.If i ask my friend to meet today.He says i will meet you on facebook.But Frequent use of facebook may lead to increasing stress.Facebook likely gambling.According to researchers the user one who have more friends results in more stress.Psychologists from Edinburgh Napier university conducted a study about facebook users according to their research if users have more friends may lead to unnecessary anxiety.Always chatting with friends,they may be change your unique thoughts that may lead to negative thinking.besides this the application on the facebook are like gambling.That make your mind become more stress.The lead researchers Dr.Kathy charles says your mind was always thinking negative thoughts because site strategy that blind your mind.And also said that "there is great pressure to be for most,only very modest or tenuous rewards" and also say that "like gambling facebook keeps users in neurotic limbo "

Watch any TV Channel for FREE

Want to watch live tv in your tv through internet,switch off the tv get ready to watch 100's of live channels through your computer.By using cable you may watch regional channels and some national channel, but by using this software you may watch international channel that exist in the world.TVU brings many more channels still updating.
 TVU's Inverse StatMux technology, the TVUPack delivers broadcast quality signals by leveraging multiple 3G/WiFi and 2g connections. Its flexible external modem connections allow it to advance to 4G/WiMAX  without replacing any hardware.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Next Generation Iphone? Iphone 5?

As you people may know iphone is the leading mobile technology.We heard that the next generation iphone will came up with completely redesigned handset will boast a next generation A5 processor that will be based on a cortex A9 design and multiple feature cores.That would means that increase performance with battery life time.That will increase the iphone performance curve and also heard rumar that android smartphone came up with dual core processors Quall comm chippet that will unify the GSM/CDMA/UMTS radios and also we heard that it came up with NFC recognition along with the universal sim.And also we heard rumor the next generation iphone will came up with upgraded integred graphics card and video processors.This new processors would boast the next generation iphone media capabilities.
The new NEC Technology makes next generation iphone your iwallet.The NFC means near field communication technology will eliminate pay for goods using credit card and checks needed.That would make the iphone will futuristic wallet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nokia CEO Stephen Said

After the partnership with the microsoft,really the nokia going to crazy,earlier i says that nokia is thinking to adopt android to their nokia products for DETAILS READ THIS.but after they decide partnership with microsoft really there people are going to crazy.Today at the mobile world congress 2011 exhibitions nokia CEO stephen elon stated that "our first priority is to beat android"this official announcement are made android fans laugh.And also he told nokia will going to do break partnership with the symbian operating system.And also told "not only just develop windows nokia products but also we are beating all the mobile operating system including Apple iphone"i think nokia company going to very funny after partnership with the microsoft.


I bought new woofer box for my pc few years ago,they gave a driver software cd.This month i installed xp on my pc so i need to instal display driver and audio driver. I searched for those cd,i found display driver but it was scratched.I didnt found audio drive cd.I'm very disappointed because without audio drive we cant workout in windows.Many of my friends are experienced this type of problems.In online also its very difficult to find driver because hardware will work properly with their particular driver,hardware came up with hardware id.Here i suggest a good website for your device driver here you get not only drive for your pc and also driver for your all devices with different operating system.
visit this site for SOFTWARE AND DRIVER

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breaking News:Nokia Windows 7 OS Concept Revealed

Nokia company was thinking about to adopt operating system to their nokia products that was confused which operating system would choose weather windows or android read this ARTICLE FOR MORE INFO.

Finally nokia company will decided to worked with windows.You may heard that now the top positon in user interface is the apple os,the 2nd position is Android.The microsoft company will produced their HTC with windows but they failed with their products because the product are failed to comingle with user needs.But still dont know why nokia will decided to work with microsoft.In current situation the nokia company is the leading in smartphones in india.The microsoft company was leading in computer operating system.We should think that how these company will going to achieve new trend in handheld devices.So we should still wait for results.Beside this microsoft CEO mr.Steve ballmar's said that engineers on both company are worked hard, to produce good products.Look at there IMAGES.
 these images look like nokia n8 mobile.It is the new experiment in mobile field.Present days nokia is working with symbian operation system.With these operating system nokia has good name in mobile field.Closely look at the above images the nokia text in head of the mobile and windows logo below the mobile.I think nokia starting price will be the expensive.There companies produce these images it is the upcoming mobile with new operating system.Lets wait:) please share your thoughts here through comments.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Update your Nokia Mobile With New OS

Is your nokia mobile operating system is get crashed?or your phone was not working well?Or it was infected by virus?Dontwary here is the complete step by step procedure to solve your problem.Nokia company will release phone software updates every 6 months.By updating your phone it was worked well like new mobile.

Benefits of updating your phone software
* updating your phone software it worked as like new mobile.
* the softwares that installed in your mobile was replaced with current version.
* if the mobile is infected by virus it will be removed.
* The games and software will updated automatically.
* If any phone os files was deleted it will repaired.
 Requirements for mobile
1.Any nokia mobile
2.Relevent Data cable for mobile.
3.Battery with full charged.
requirements for pc
minimum 1gb ram pc
windows xp or windows 7 or vista.
Nokia pc suite software for relevent mobile download from here.
Nokia software updater download from here.
Procedure for updating your phone software

First Find out your device’s version number and begin updating

Step 1
Step 1
find your device software version by entering this code.

If you are able to select Options, you may use  Check for updates quickly and update using only your device. You need not perform the remaining steps.

Step 2
Otherwise, your display will show your current software version number (e.g. V 6.45.234). Please write this down – you’ll need it to complete the next step.
Step 3
Step 3
To find what the latest available device software is, you’ll need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the behyond your nokia battery(e.g. CODE: 0455966).

Step 4
Enter this product code here
Note: Before updating, you might like to backup your phone's contents using Nokia PC Suite. These can be restored once the update is complete
Step 11) Download and install Nokia Software Updater (this need only be done once).
and download nokia pc suite for your nokia mobile
and install it to pc.
Step 22) Connect your phone to your PC with a suitable USB cable and open Nokia Software Updater,with full charged battery.
Step 3
3) Follow the on-screen popup until your update is complete.

nokia pc suite Download


 nokia software updater Download

If you have any problem comment here

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 10 Best Free File Recovery Software

Already i posted a free data recovery software.Really i enjoyed a lot with this software.With this software i recovered many files and videos that was deleted few months ago.This software will inspire me to search may software related like this. In this article i suggest 10 best free data recovery software.All are working wonderfull.

This is the data recovery program,it automatically search for deleted files and recovered,this is the free software.It also recover even if boot sector is damaged or FAT has been erased.It recover files with last modified date and time.


It is data recovery software with small size.It recover files even if it is deleted from recycle bin,or deleted using shift+delete keyword,or it has been deleted from command prompt.It also work with older operating system.

Are you lost your important file from your computer?Are you lost your documents when the operating system?Dontwary i have solution for this problem,even you lost your documents few years ago you can recover.Even it is deleted from recycle bin.Not only recovered from your harddisk it also supports memory card,ipod,digital memory card,pen drive,flash drive etc.The important thing is it is open source,if u by mistake format your harddisk or pendrive or memory card it looks blank but using you can recover.It supports any rewriteable media,for prosumer and pro photographers this software support the Nikon Raw and canon raw formats,this software also recover you cant access files directly from your harddisk,pendrive,digital memory card.You dont have to warry about losing documents,videos,music from your ipod.

By using this software you can recover video,files,movies.It recover files deleted files from ntfs formatted volumes,and recover files deleted using shift+delete key word,or using dos prompt.And recover files that deleted permanently.


It is one of the data recovery software available for free.It undelete the files that was accidently deleted even if it is in recycle bin.It supports FAT12,16,32 and NTFS file deletion.And also support ntfs compressed files,and efs compressed files.


this is the another popular data recovery tool it recover accidently deleted file from harddisk,usb,floopy and sd memory cards,it support the popular file systems are fat12,16,32,and ntfs,ntfs5.It recover the important file even it is deleted from recycle bin try this one.


This is another data recovery software,that recover files deleted from harddisk with ntfs and fat file system.


this is another data recovery software that comes graphical user interface,this supports all type of file system,it gives you full control undelete files,disk image backup,restore backup image,copy files from bad sectors,edit and restore your boot parameters.No installation required.


this software will recover the file that was deleted accidently or by a virus infection,or uninstalling,or from defective software,that recover files from harddisk.The important file that is recovered from this software.


this software also work on older operating system.It recover the files that is deleted from computer crashes,virus.It able to recover files even the recycle bin is emptyed,and deleted using shift+delete keys.

Please if you have dought ask me

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boot your windows xp very fast

Is your computer boot slowly?? Dont wary here is the popular tricks  
to Boot your windows xp very  fast.
Step-1.Open notepad type "del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q”(No quotes) then save this text
            file as ntosboot.bat in C drive.

Step-2:then From start menu select Run and type "gpedit.msc"
step-3.Double click “Windows Settings” below “Computer Configuration” and double click again on
         “Shutdown” in the right window
step-5.In the new window, click “add”, “Browse”, locate your “ntosboot.bat” file and click “Open”.
step-6.Click “OK” then “Apply” & “OK” once again to exit.
step-7.again From the Start menu, select “Run…” and  type “devmgmt.msc”.
step-8.Double click on IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
step-9.Right click on “Primary IDE Channel” and select Properties. on the “Advanced Settings” tab then on the device or 1 that doesn’t have ‘device type’ greyed.
            out select ‘none’ instead of ‘autodetect’ and click “OK”.
step-11.then Right click on “Secondary IDE channel”, select “Properties” and repeat step 10.

step-12.Then restart your computer.
If any problems leave your comments

Recover Deleted files on any media

Are you lost your important file from your computer?Are you lost your documents when the operating system?Dontwary i have solution for this problem,even you lost your documents few years ago you can recover.Even it is deleted from recycle bin.Not only recovered from your harddisk it also supports memory card,ipod,digital memory card,pen drive,flash drive etc.The important thing is it is open source,if u by mistake format your harddisk or pendrive or memory card it looks blank but using you can recover.It supports any rewriteable media,for prosumer and pro photographers this software support the Nikon Raw and canon raw formats,this software also recover you cant access files directly from your harddisk,pendrive,digital memory card.You dont have to warry about losing documents,videos,music from your ipod.

It also supports email that are crashed when you are sending to your friend in windows live using microsoft outlook.When your recover your email from this software it will in .Zip you need winzip to extract.Each email stored in standard .EML format so you can import to any standard email programs. so using this software you never have to warry about losing your important mails.
When you are working with your MS word,if power failure occur you may lost your unraved documents.But this will able to rebuild your important documents from tempory files.
So now we will recover any documents using this software,so what if we want to delete documents permanently that dontwant and never recover from our life.There is a solution for this is Recuva.It securely delete your files forever.So that the Recuva and any other similar software cannot recover.
Supported files
unsaved Word documents
deleted emails
files on your computer
damaged or formatted disks
What is deep scan??
Recuva's default scan will run through a large hard drive for deleted files in seconds
If you're looking for a file you recently deleted, or a file that's not on a damaged or
corrupted drive, you should try the default scan first. It's fast and will find your file 90% of the time
How much longer? It depends on the size of your drive. You may want to get a coffee or tea and do
 something else while you're waiting. The upside is that Recuva's Deep Scan will dig through the bits 
and bytes of your drive and find absolutely everything that can be recovered.

Run multiple operating system at a time

we may some time want to use windows 7 or fedora,chrome os,beside with xp.That time we replace with existing windows xp or want to instal on it seperate drive,so it is bit risky,for switching operating system want to reboot computer every time,this will be time consuming.

The solution for all this problems is vm player, this will create isolated virtual machine on pc by using we can run multiple operating system at same on same computer at a time.And this is the safest way to test new application and surf web.Vm player can able to run old copy of operating system.At a same time you can run multiple operating system by opening seperate windows for each operating system.U can work with each operating system at a time.It support printing and other operating system.You can also to convert existing operating system in to virtual machine without re-instal or re-configuring the applications by using vmware vcentre converter.vm player allow anyone can try new operating system without rebooting,it support latest 32 bit and 64 bit.Installing operating system to vm player is easier than the direct installation on pc.Run over 200 operating system including windows 7.

compatible hardware to install VMware Player.
The minimum host system requirements for installing and using VMware Player are:

n Standard x86-compatible or x86-64  or most AMD64 processors
n Processor speed – 1.3GHz or faster
n Memory – Minimum 1GB is required, however VMware recommends to have 2GB and above available
memory. You must have enough memory to run the host operating system, the guest operating system
for every virtual machine, and for applications on the host and guest. For more information about memory
requirements, see your guest operating system documentation.
The total amount of memory you can assign to all virtual machines running on a single host is limited
only by the amount of RAM on the host. The maximum amount of memory for each virtual machine on
32-bit hosts is 8GB and on 64-bit hosts is 32GB. VMware Player does not allow powering on virtual
machines that are configured to use more than 8GB of memory on 32-bit hosts. Memory management
limitations on 32-bit operating systems cause virtual machine memory to overcommit, which severely
affects system performance.
Hard disk – At least 1GB free disk space is recommended for each guest operating system.

Processor Support for 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems
When you power on a virtual machine with a 64-bit guest operating system, VMware Player performs an
internal check. If the host CPU is not a supported 64-bit processor, you cannot power on the virtual machine.
VMware Player supports virtual machines with 64-bit guest operating systems, running on host machines with
the following processors:
n Most AMD64 processors
n Intel Pentium 4 and Core 2, and Core i7 processors with EM64T and Intel Virtualization Technology
VMware also provides a standalone utility that you can use without VMware Player to perform the same check
and determine whether your CPU is supported for VMware Player virtual machines with 64-bit guest operating
systems. Download the 64-bit processor check utility from the downloads area of the VMware Web site.
Install VMware Player on a Windows Host
To begin creating and configuring virtual machines you must install VMware Player on your Windows host.
If you downloaded the software, follow the installation procedure, but install from the directory where you
saved the installer file, rather than the Windows directory on the CD.
1 On the Welcome page, click Next.
2 On the Destination Folder page, select the location for VMware Player files.
n If you want VMware Player to be installed in the default location, click Next.
n To select an alternative location for VMware Player files, click Change. After you set an alternative
location, click OK and Next.

If you persist any problem tell me.