Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watch any TV Channel for FREE

Want to watch live tv in your tv through internet,switch off the tv get ready to watch 100's of live channels through your computer.By using cable you may watch regional channels and some national channel, but by using this software you may watch international channel that exist in the world.TVU brings many more channels still updating.
 TVU's Inverse StatMux technology, the TVUPack delivers broadcast quality signals by leveraging multiple 3G/WiFi and 2g connections. Its flexible external modem connections allow it to advance to 4G/WiMAX  without replacing any hardware.


  • Bring the news back to your newsroom fast
  • Simple to operate, on/off button only
  • Broadcast-focused, SDI, HDMI, Composite input and Firewire input
  • Live HD-quality with multiple 2.5G/3G/4G connections
  • It's your Electronic News Gathering Van in a backpack
  • Short delays. Supports real time interviews without pixelation
    • Lightweight – 13 lb
    • Automatically records for offline transmission
    • Supports all Wireless Broadband formats
    • Remote browse, mark and retrieve
    • Supports up to 5Mbps by aggregating multiple 2.5G/3G/4G, WiFi, Ethernet connections
    • Forward error correction
    • Forward error correction
      • Automatically connects to all available wireless connections, such as 2.5G/3G/4G, WiFi
      • Automatically detects the camera operation mode
      • Comprehensive
      • One button operation
      • No monthly fee

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