Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Update your Nokia Mobile With New OS

Is your nokia mobile operating system is get crashed?or your phone was not working well?Or it was infected by virus?Dontwary here is the complete step by step procedure to solve your problem.Nokia company will release phone software updates every 6 months.By updating your phone it was worked well like new mobile.

Benefits of updating your phone software
* updating your phone software it worked as like new mobile.
* the softwares that installed in your mobile was replaced with current version.
* if the mobile is infected by virus it will be removed.
* The games and software will updated automatically.
* If any phone os files was deleted it will repaired.
 Requirements for mobile
1.Any nokia mobile
2.Relevent Data cable for mobile.
3.Battery with full charged.
requirements for pc
minimum 1gb ram pc
windows xp or windows 7 or vista.
Nokia pc suite software for relevent mobile download from here.
Nokia software updater download from here.
Procedure for updating your phone software

First Find out your device’s version number and begin updating

Step 1
Step 1
find your device software version by entering this code.

If you are able to select Options, you may use  Check for updates quickly and update using only your device. You need not perform the remaining steps.

Step 2
Otherwise, your display will show your current software version number (e.g. V 6.45.234). Please write this down – you’ll need it to complete the next step.
Step 3
Step 3
To find what the latest available device software is, you’ll need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the behyond your nokia battery(e.g. CODE: 0455966).

Step 4
Enter this product code here
Note: Before updating, you might like to backup your phone's contents using Nokia PC Suite. These can be restored once the update is complete
Step 11) Download and install Nokia Software Updater (this need only be done once).
and download nokia pc suite for your nokia mobile
and install it to pc.
Step 22) Connect your phone to your PC with a suitable USB cable and open Nokia Software Updater,with full charged battery.
Step 3
3) Follow the on-screen popup until your update is complete.

nokia pc suite Download


 nokia software updater Download

If you have any problem comment here

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