Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Next Generation Iphone? Iphone 5?

As you people may know iphone is the leading mobile technology.We heard that the next generation iphone will came up with completely redesigned handset will boast a next generation A5 processor that will be based on a cortex A9 design and multiple feature cores.That would means that increase performance with battery life time.That will increase the iphone performance curve and also heard rumar that android smartphone came up with dual core processors Quall comm chippet that will unify the GSM/CDMA/UMTS radios and also we heard that it came up with NFC recognition along with the universal sim.And also we heard rumor the next generation iphone will came up with upgraded integred graphics card and video processors.This new processors would boast the next generation iphone media capabilities.
The new NEC Technology makes next generation iphone your iwallet.The NFC means near field communication technology will eliminate pay for goods using credit card and checks needed.That would make the iphone will futuristic wallet.

Features of next generation iphone
1 faster and multicore processor.
2 integrated graphics upgrade.
3 the new NFC(near-field communication) technology make your iphone wallet.
4 new antenna say bye to deathgrip.
5 better camera 1080p video recording.
6 lTE 4G speeds
7 less cost?


  1. I'll will never buy iPhone until be cancelled all restrictions with Apple.

  2. i have great respet for the iphones and Apple but i think that need stop putting new things out so quickly so some one who just the new thing then sees the newer thing feels.........ahhhhhhhhhhh