Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breaking News:Nokia Windows 7 OS Concept Revealed

Nokia company was thinking about to adopt operating system to their nokia products that was confused which operating system would choose weather windows or android read this ARTICLE FOR MORE INFO.

Finally nokia company will decided to worked with windows.You may heard that now the top positon in user interface is the apple os,the 2nd position is Android.The microsoft company will produced their HTC with windows but they failed with their products because the product are failed to comingle with user needs.But still dont know why nokia will decided to work with microsoft.In current situation the nokia company is the leading in smartphones in india.The microsoft company was leading in computer operating system.We should think that how these company will going to achieve new trend in handheld devices.So we should still wait for results.Beside this microsoft CEO mr.Steve ballmar's said that engineers on both company are worked hard, to produce good products.Look at there IMAGES.
 these images look like nokia n8 mobile.It is the new experiment in mobile field.Present days nokia is working with symbian operation system.With these operating system nokia has good name in mobile field.Closely look at the above images the nokia text in head of the mobile and windows logo below the mobile.I think nokia starting price will be the expensive.There companies produce these images it is the upcoming mobile with new operating system.Lets wait:) please share your thoughts here through comments.

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